leaving limbo

so lost for so long

heartbreak is kryptonite 

overcast, dark state of mind

somehow regained some strength

reignited the fire within

took some steps forward

shook the shackles of paralysis  

i’m coming home

tell the world that i’m coming home

goodbye lies, now self-defined

There’s really no good way to say goodbye.

Sometimes, the only thing left to do is tell the truth, wish them well, and move on.

In this wonderful world, babies cry.

Skies are sometimes blue and sometimes grey.

Suffering and sacrifice precede salvation.

There can only be light after a dark presence has overtaken the land.

Without each other, opposing forces would be reduced to nothing.

One concept without its respective companion is nonexistent, irrelevant.

Balance. Comprehension. Wisdom.

Not just two, but always multiple sides to the story.

More characters, more drama, more action, more comedy, more love.

Rich minds understand and seek out all points of view.

Human interaction, connection, deception. 

Do you lose part of yourself when you lose a loved one?

I heard they live inside you like ghosts, that’s how you keep them alive.

How do you let go of those your heart fought so hard for?

Tick tock tick tock. Switch focus and let the clock do the work. 

Only time can heal the deepest wounds and gory gashes. 

Can’t keep trying to rescue those who want to stay down.

Can’t offer a home to those who are lost and don’t know it.

All five senses rendered useless by skewed perception. 

Ignorant and underdeveloped minds that only see the world as they are, rather than how it is.

Not reality, but a twisted, subliminally embedded and irrevocable truth in their lives.

Lies told so repeatedly that they become the norm, generally accepted by the mass.

No one objects.

Why would they let themselves stand out that way? 

Silly to stand up and fight, right?

Programmed conformists, can’t see the plastic dreams they hold so dear for what they truly are.

Facade. Material girls and boys with swag. Immature.

OH EM GEE. So funny.


Clever ain’t wise, baby.

Do you have sufficient common sense to read between the lines?

To derive true lessons from the witty remarks?

How can some be so blind to their needs?

Excessively indulging the wants of the flesh without regard for true wellbeing.

Justice! Freedom!

Commutes to Neverland. Unfaltering childish enthusiasm.

Want a world devoid of corrupted perceptions.

The ultimate finish line? Nonexistent. 

Always new horizons. Never remaining the same. 

Always new catastrophes and new heroic tales.

Creature of evolution.

Possible, anything is. 

Refuse to wake up to the bitter realization that I’ve wasted my life conforming.

Desire to inspire new generations.

Strong and courageous warriors rising to fight the good fight.

Freeing poor souls enslaved by possessions. 

Hands chained to the desk, eyes glued to the rapidly flashing images of bright screens, mind permanently locked within the confines of a lifeless handheld device. 

Deceitful comforts! Get out of that zone!

Run! … Run!

Turn your eyes to the rugged mountains and deep seas.

Into the wild…

epic flight

expand consciousness, for the eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

take it all in, then let it all go to free the soul.

get the fuck moving to free the body. 

take a trip to the flip side…

no one has room to judge.

where is the tolerance?

where is the love?

let’s crush ignorance and fear.

tear down every fucking wall.

don’t fight for your country, fight for your world. 

no question that these breakable boys and girls are beautiful souls.

tigers who have earned their stripes.

birthday kids, 21 wishing they were 12.

the magician’s nephew, feeling child-like wonder.

permanently in the process of reading and writing. 

some beach fun and friends.

kindness so foreign now.

someone shows courtesy and the world expects ulterior motives.

politeness, so rare that people mistake it for flirtation or facade.

Mark Twain once wrote,” Always do right! This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.”

the truth, it is only right to act kindly.

live and let live.

life is life when you mind your own business and do your thing.

stop eating people alive with your words, letting poison spread.

forgive, be kind, succeed.

be honest and sincere.

build, be happy, do good and give them your best.

yes, some may doubt integrity, question motives.

no matter. all is well.

the sweet lady said, “It was never between you and them anyway.”

love. better the world one smile at a time.

then, they will be astonished.

fighting fate

dear biggest fan yet dangerous doubter,

i’m trying my hardest every single day.

when i get there, i won’t need luck.

done talking. do or die time. i’m ready.

you say you believe in me, 

but you have yet to see me in action,

so your faith is blind, and that’s scary. 

understandable, but i know me, you don’t. 

i know me better than you think you do,

better than you ever will.

only i know what i’m capable of, 

and i’m telling you, i’m ready.

i’m hustling every single day,

mental muscles sore, but never tired. 

i write and read

and learn and grow

and flourish and expand

and sing and dance

and run and ride

and work and meet 

and play and fly, 

all while you sleep.

i climb the highest peaks for me, for you, for us, for everyone,

even if you don’t see it yet.

done venting. done wallowing. done analyzing and talking about it.

i mentioned my fears to you once, 

but that doesn’t mean that i’m not going to keep fighting.

stop doubting that and trust me fully, please.

truly believe in me and my art and my infinite potential.

see my light and let it shine.

haters and doubters and nay-sayers will eat their words and swallow their pride, so don’t be one of them.

the architect of the universe within me is the only one that knows what’s inside.

i’m going to make it and take care of everything. 

that simple.

have faith, not in fate, but in me. 

steel magnolias, ladies

Dear self,

Before you fall in love with anyone, fall in love with you.

There are some things you need to remember…

Like that small child still inside you, yeah, that little girl with flowers in her untamed hair and cookie crumbs around her lips. That little baby soul that loved cozy pjs and sunday morning cartoons. She’s still here, for you are beautifully deep, a layered creature. Id, ego, super-ego - all in one. Just like boys, they’ve got the same cooties, that little kid still needs to be loved and cherished every single day, and it starts with you. 

It starts with self-love, generous nourishment of soul and mind and body, freedom and flexibility to sometimes eat too much, sometimes eat too little, sometimes not enough sleep, sometimes too much fun, plenty of room to make mistakes, to have setbacks, to make epic comebacks, and fight harder, and get stronger, each and every time.

Yes, you have been broken and damaged before, but you are no longer made of glass. You stepped through the fire and shouted as lighting struck down violently, fearless in the eye of the storm. Nice job, Lieutenant.

Now, I’m a fucking Steel Magnolia, baby. 

Even if someone else dares to doubt my capabilities, my potential, my strength, and gives up on me… I’ll never give up on myself. 



Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

Mac Miller - Another Night

G-Eazy -  Plastic Dreams

Craig David - Fill me in

Ed Sheeran - Kiss me

Frank Ocean -Thinkin bout you…

Miguel - Do you…

Justin Nozuka - After Tonight

Sammy Adams - Only one


your mind is a parachute, keep it open

everyone quiet down

can you hear the music?

now, are you able to truly listen?

if you tune into the right frequency,

you can hear it all…

i hear it. i write it. i play it and perform.

creators,  dreamers, the passionately curious,

explorers of infinity, seekers of truth,

sculptors of destiny, authors of history,

i wish to join the ranks.

regardless of whether you’re listening or not, 

it’s still happening, the music is playing.

things are moving so quickly now.

awake! alert! go go go!

colorado is two weeks away, and i’m officially traveling in light-years.

go! fight! win!

super girl meets peter pan and the crew.

we all see each other. we hear the music.

unafraid of fire or heights, courageous fools, pursuing falls and scrapes and bruises.

home is where the heart is, and i can come home anytime.

so now, time to dream, to do, to live!

to see, to change, to help, to save…

silly rugrats, lost boys and mermaids,

full throttle past Adventureland, to infinity and beyond…